To activate Falkorie in your channel you need to Log in to the website and use the dashboard. Falkorie will only connect to your channel when you start streaming.

Remember to /mod falkorie in your channel.

If you have changed your username you can send a request to transfer everything to the new account by joining the Discord and post your request in #transfer-level.

This process usually takes around one week.

Join the Discord and tell us your osu! and Twitch account and we'll link it.

If you missed one stream you can restore the streak by becoming a Supporter and then joining the Discord and post your request in #restore-streak.

If you are a streamer you can restore your viewers' streak if they missed one stream.

Streaks show how many streams in a row you have watched a channel. To keep your streak active you must write in chat during every stream.

If a bot is gaining experience in your channel you can join the Discord and send a request in #block-bots.

Supporters are the people who keep to bot running by donating money to pay for servers, websites and databases.

Supporters receive a badge on the leaderboards, a Discord role and can restore lost streaks.

If you want to help the bot stay alive, become a supporter here.

When writing in chat during a stream you gain 4-5 experience per minute.

We are constantly updating and improving the service and would gladly take your feedback into consideration.

Join the Discord and tell us what you think about Falkorie.